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Pardoned By Christ Transitional Houses



The PBC Transitional House ministry is established to provide support for people leaving prison as they transition back into society. Most have had substance use and addictive disorders that have lead them to incarceration. Our transitional housing program allows for a safe and healthy environment free from substance use, promoting a lifestyle without dependency. We are a Christ based, spirit led organization that is called to offer men an opportunity to get a firm foundation established so that they can become independent functioning members of society again.

Theo Walker, Director of Transitional Housing

Theo serves as the Director of Transitional Programs for the Pardoned by Christ Transitional Houses. Theo has past experience with the Department of Public Safety as a correctional officer, case manager, program supervisor, and volunteer coordinator. He also has owned his own security company. Theo believes his experience has prepared him for the ministry God has him doing today. He is blessed to be part of the lives of so many men and to watch miracles take place as God enables them to transition successfully.

Marvin Hill, Transitional Housing Manager

Marvin Hill serves as the Transitional Housing manager for the Pardoned by Christ Transitional Houses. Marvin successfully transitioned out of the Pardoned by Christ Transitional Program in 2018. He has had previous experience as a sport's coach for middle school students. He has also been a motivational speaker for people from the ages of 10 to 20. Marvin really enjoys working with people and wants to see them succeed in life.

Ai lin photo.jpg
Ai Lin, Administrative Assistant

Ai Lin serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Pardoned by Christ Transitional Program. Her prior experience includes working with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Pro-Life Activities as a receptionist. She also has worked as a nanny, a substitute teacher, and as a teacher's assistant. Currently, Ai Lin is an administrator and member of the Raleigh Catholic Young Adults Facebook group and  also tries to evangelize people she meets through her religious art


Joseph is an overcomer thanks to PBC supporters. After 15 years in prison and 2 years in the PBC Transitional House, Joseph has an excellent full time job (with benefits), an apartment, and his own vehicle. He is a role model to his children and grandchildren. And he will tell you how good Jesus is if you hang around him!


Martise, a member of the PBC transitional housing program, has earned his Commercial Driver's License and is driving throughout the USA.


Carlos has earned his CDL and is ready to drive!

Archie, Antwan, Chico, and Dwayne

These wonderful men help each other out with their journey to success!

imagejpeg_1 (1)
2517 (1)
Ready for bible study
Bible study
Computer work
Work day!
Peak Methodist Beautification
Fellowship time
Aahh burgers!!
Buffet at Christmas party.
Who, me?!  :)

We are always seeking support from people who want to help the  men in our Transitional Houses.


Here are a few ways you can support our ministry:

  • Conduct or participate in fellowship and bible studies 

  • Provide assistance with life skills (financial management, recovery education/accountability, computer and social media)

  • Help with job searches and the interview process

  • Provide transportation and other logistical support

  • Be a mentor

  • Financial Assistance

For more transitional house information, contact:

 Theo Walker 919-949-0834

If you do not have time to volunteer, please support us financially. The lives of these men need to be subsidized until they can be independent. Please visit the Donate page for ways to give.

God bless you!!

How you can help:

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